Maximum Speed In Downloading

Many people choose Torrent because of the advantages of torrent downloads compared to regular downloads. If you choose the right torrent file then you can get the maximum speed when downloading a torrent. Especially if you choose a lot of seeders compared to the leecher, the download speed you get will be maximum according to the internet service provider that you use. If you try to download the direct source, only one, the filesharing server itself, limits the bandwidth. Only a handful of file-sharing gives full bandwidth when you download the file. Whereas with torrent bandwidth it will be divided into several seeders so you can achieve maximum download speeds.

When you successfully connect with each peer or seeder and start downloading, you will get complete information from the file. Examples such as files in the torrent, source files, tracklists, bitrates and so on. This allows you to download the files you need. Meanwhile, when you try to download the file directly, then you will download the file directly. There is no guarantee that the file is the file you want to download.

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